Trek to K2 Base Camp

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    Please share more photos.

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    Will share soon

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  • How funny! I had the same conversation with adorable little Yannis about his special friend “le lapin gris.” (which I also thought was “grey bread”) What a cutie he is. I’m happy to hear that he will have a little sister. Please give my congrats to Corrine and Stephanne.

  • Yep, I agree…Epcot is a gem and has the best food… I dream one day of going to the wine & food festival there. :) Glad you had a good time!

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  • Merci Sarah pour votre réponse. Tout cela me surprend beaucoup et m’inquiète… Il est clair qu’une fille ne doit jamais se promener seule la nuit. Il y a, bien sur, un ensemble de comportements nouveaux à intégrer quand on arrive d’ailleurs. Mais qui relève du bon sens comme partout. Ils rentrent vite dans les moeurs au quotidien quand on y habite…Bonne continuation et, au fait, essayez vous d’avoir un billet pour le match france/uruguay conformément à votre fil conducteur ?

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  • This is a bit off topic, but I'd like to thank Mark Perry for not posting one damn thing to remind us of 9/11. Instead, he posts a story about how technology is reducing drilling costs (as it always has), lowering the pickable fruit. Hooray. Something much more worthy of commemoration.

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  • Marsha – LOVE these! What a great day, thank you for coming to Mad Lake and taking our pictures. I know I will treasure them for a long time to come.You have a true talent, Rebekah, and you live your life true to that talent. What a gift you are. Thank you!

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  • Number 1 is 188 and number 2 is 86 after I sent the previous comment. Amazing!!! Number 3 is not going to speed the rank for today, maybe tomorrow of her position is not in top 3 anymore. Good news! Number one is 193 now.

  • Hey Rebecca! There are no dumb questions but anything labeled “juice” does need to be made in a juicer, which extracts and removes the pulp/fiber. Smoothies, though, are made in the blender. With my juicer, I just chop up the whole limes to juice them.

  • Anya – SO happy to see you on the Card Making Blog – your cards are always beautiful and inspirational. Love your take on the photo – the lanterns are BEAUTIFUL! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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